Server Time 17:07, 6 Dec 2019

Today our biggest content patch in recent months is out, here are the patch notes for you all to read through.

Version 35
Boutique Shop.
+ Added Training Esoterica. (Utility/Misc.) - Reduced price cost for Mirage Celestones.
Boutique Event Shop.
+ Added Training Esoterica. (Utility/Misc.)
- Reduced price cost for Mirage Celestones.
+ Added Packs as reward for Bounty Hunter II and Bounty Hunter III.
+ Added Packs as reward when finishing Cube of Fate.
+ Increased amount for pills you get from Maiden-Kissed Chest. + Added Frost Chest and Frost Case as reward from Chest of Sincerity.
~ Changed the Flawless shards into Perfect Shards from Chest of Sincerity.
+ Added packs as reward from Trivia quest.
Frostcovered Ground.
+ Added "Nature Forge" inside FCC with new content in it.
+ Added FCC Path of the frostcovered as drops to all FCC bosses.
+ Increased drop amount from FCC bosses.
- Reducing material cost for FCC weapons.
x Removed Flawless shards from Holeen, Champion of Fientazzar.
Nirvana Palace
x Removed chest drops from bosses.
+ Bosses now has a 99% to drop Uncanny Crystals and 1% to drop Rapture Crystal
+ Vanished Ancestor has a 99% to drop Rapture Crystals and 1% to drop Uncanny Crystal
+ Enchanted Ancestor "99key boss" drops heavy increased.
The Lunar Glade
x Removed the equipment drop from lunar mobs. Which gives a higher chance to drop > lunar mats
Twilight Temple
x Removed Crusade Order drops from all the bosses.
+ Added Chienkun Stones and Ultimate Substance as drop chance to all bosses.
Warsong City
- Reduced Cost to make Rank9 3rd cast Molds.
- Removed Old Heaven Tears mats
+ Added Apocalypse Page, Page of Fate and Old book page as drop chance
New releases
+ Added Fashion Weapon in west adc "542.651" next to Trivia Maden Yuna. Fashion weapon can be crafted with Fashion Weapon Tokens. Fashion Weapon Token can be obtained via voting > vote webshop.
+ Added Shard Exchange in west adc "528.657" between Jewelcraftsman Yi and Mister Tso This is a easier way to get your shard for Crazy stone. Buying option; where you can buy shabby/average shards. Crafting option; where you can craft shards. (instead of 27>9>3>1, it is 27>1)
+ Added FB names onto wines.
+ Increased stack amount of pills and pots.
Bug fixes
+ Super pet cage in event boutique is fixed.

Our Halloween Patch is live!

Features include a Trick or Treat quest at Duke Blacke and a custom boss (look for the custom boss events closer to the 31st)

Happy Halloween everyone.



All rates are 2x for the whole weekend!