Server Time 4:35, 21 Sep 2019
+ AzurePW began in May 2019
+ A low rate server for the community.
+ Version 1.4.6 in a classic PWI style
- Our latest patch is version 24 (02/09/19)
- Please note that sign-in and registration on this page are for in-game and the control panel
- Registration and sign-in for the forums are separate.
- A huge thanks to all those who supported us so far!

Welcome to the new website everyone!

Link to Discord Server:

AzurePW Server Information
Key Features:
Version: 1.4.6 with 5 races and 10 classes
Rates: 2x EXP, 4x SP and 10x Coin
Imroved Quest Rates: 2x EXP, 4x SP, 5x Coin
No pay-to-win: Everything in the Event Boutique
Event Gold Rewards: BH, FB, Culti, Celestial Tiger & more!
Vote Rewards: Blessings and more to come!
Drop Rates:      Custom Bosses and Resource rates.
Pet EXP: Pet EXP chart has been edited to allow easy levelling
DQ Items: Original Price (not 1 coin!)
Start Date: May 2019
More Details:                About AzurePW