Server Time 19:26, 6 Apr 2020

Today is the beginning of a new phase for Azure Perfect World, as we move toward using our own currency in-game instead of utilising event gold. From next week (27th January), players will be able to receive Event Gold by voting as well as in-game.

Version 2 (New Patcher)
Event Boutique now contains mostly non-tradeable items
Rank 9 items, Reputation, Dragon Orbs (beyond 5 star) and Packs are now only available in the Azure Forge
Basic Badges received in Warsong are doubled
Number of Azure Cards per Basic Badge are doubled
Azure Cards can also be earnt in BH90 & 100, Cube of Fate, Frostcover and Nirvana
Event Gold is still rewarded for FBs and BHs in smaller amounts
Blessings and other items removed from the vote shop are now available in the event boutique
Faction Icons have been added

Today our biggest content patch in recent months is out, here are the patch notes for you all to read through.

Version 35
Boutique Shop.
+ Added Training Esoterica. (Utility/Misc.) - Reduced price cost for Mirage Celestones.
Boutique Event Shop.
+ Added Training Esoterica. (Utility/Misc.)
- Reduced price cost for Mirage Celestones.
+ Added Packs as reward for Bounty Hunter II and Bounty Hunter III.
+ Added Packs as reward when finishing Cube of Fate.
+ Increased amount for pills you get from Maiden-Kissed Chest. + Added Frost Chest and Frost Case as reward from Chest of Sincerity.
~ Changed the Flawless shards into Perfect Shards from Chest of Sincerity.
+ Added packs as reward from Trivia quest.
Frostcovered Ground.
+ Added "Nature Forge" inside FCC with new content in it.
+ Added FCC Path of the frostcovered as drops to all FCC bosses.
+ Increased drop amount from FCC bosses.
- Reducing material cost for FCC weapons.
x Removed Flawless shards from Holeen, Champion of Fientazzar.
Nirvana Palace
x Removed chest drops from bosses.
+ Bosses now has a 99% to drop Uncanny Crystals and 1% to drop Rapture Crystal
+ Vanished Ancestor has a 99% to drop Rapture Crystals and 1% to drop Uncanny Crystal
+ Enchanted Ancestor "99key boss" drops heavy increased.
The Lunar Glade
x Removed the equipment drop from lunar mobs. Which gives a higher chance to drop > lunar mats
Twilight Temple
x Removed Crusade Order drops from all the bosses.
+ Added Chienkun Stones and Ultimate Substance as drop chance to all bosses.
Warsong City
- Reduced Cost to make Rank9 3rd cast Molds.
- Removed Old Heaven Tears mats
+ Added Apocalypse Page, Page of Fate and Old book page as drop chance
New releases
+ Added Fashion Weapon in west adc "542.651" next to Trivia Maden Yuna. Fashion weapon can be crafted with Fashion Weapon Tokens. Fashion Weapon Token can be obtained via voting > vote webshop.
+ Added Shard Exchange in west adc "528.657" between Jewelcraftsman Yi and Mister Tso This is a easier way to get your shard for Crazy stone. Buying option; where you can buy shabby/average shards. Crafting option; where you can craft shards. (instead of 27>9>3>1, it is 27>1)
+ Added FB names onto wines.
+ Increased stack amount of pills and pots.
Bug fixes
+ Super pet cage in event boutique is fixed.

Our Halloween Patch is live!

Features include a Trick or Treat quest at Duke Blacke and a custom boss (look for the custom boss events closer to the 31st)

Happy Halloween everyone.